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    Programme Overview

    Shri Sai Institute is a distinguished educational institution committed to academic excellence and holistic development, offering a wide range of programs in a nurturing and conducive learning environment for students’ growth.


    Class IX

    Class X

    Class XI

    Class XII

    The entire book is completed here as per syllabus.





    • Minimum 50% marks required 
    • Not Following Other Scholarships 
    • Proof of financial need (e.g., bank statement)
    S.no Marks Required Scholarship Amount
    1 Above 70% ₹500
    2 Above 75% ₹1000
    3 Above 80% ₹1500
    4 Above 85% ₹2000
    • What is the SSI Scholarship Program 
    • Can I participate in Scholarship Program 
    • How can you request for fee reduction voucher  
    • How to send your exam scores 

    15 may  to 31 may