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It is a pleasure to see you all learning and growing each day. Your progress makes us feel proud of you. At SSI, our focus is to build confidence in you all so that you can strongly face all challenges in life. Here, we guide you to aim high and strive each day for excellence. 

What matters is the way we guide you to do time based tasks which again should be supplement with your interest and creativity. When these three things combine, success is bound to be achieved. For every student it is a must to be disciplined, to work systematically and methodically. Also, focus in the right direction fuels our motivation to work hard each day.

This institute stands tall in this zone where apart from studies, focus is also laid on moral education and good manners which will surely groom their personality and shape them up to be a better human being.

Every student here is interested to receive education in its finest form. Our commitment is to develop that intellectual growth required not only for the acquisition of knowledge but also its analytic application.

We, at SSI, are committed towards all over students as education is a preparation for life. It guides us to live life in the best possible way. This is the most trust worthy education center, where just after taking the right decision of journey, you will see the change,

“Your dreams for a bright future will take the shape here at SSI.”

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SSI (Shri sai institute) one & only mission is to extend your knowledge base